How A Man’s Love For His Family Created A Lasting Memory That Will NEVER Be Forgotten


I want to tell you a true story – one that actually brings me to tears every time I tell it. As hard as it may be to believe, I promise you this actually happened… A number of years ago, a local gentleman walked into my studio. We sat down at a table to chat about his needs. He told me how much he felt photography was the best way of capturing cherished memories for loved ones.


Then, he told me something I’ll never forget as it left me in shock. He told me he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had maybe 6 months left. He came specifically to me because he knew he could trust me to create the perfect portrait of him with his family especially for them to remember their precious time together. I was speechless. Here was a man who was coping with such an unbelievable challenge in his life, and yet he was thinking about leaving a lasting memory for his family. This was a truly great man,

and He was trusting ME to produce what would probably be the last image ever created of him. That’s a responsibility I took, and have always taken very seriously.


I remember that the day of the portrait was a difficult day for him physically, but when he felt his family around him his true happiness in them came through and it was a beautiful portrayal I will never forget myself. He was delighted with the final image which came to them in the form of a gorgeous canvas masterpiece which all could see well above their fireplace.


Many months later the beautiful wife of this great man came to my studio to share something with me which deeply touched

my heart. With tears in her eyes she shared with me that her husband had passed on as expected. However, what she really came to tell me was that once they had received their portrait, he would come and sit in the living room every day for hours at a time and just stare into the faces of those he loved so much. He always had tears, but she felt they were tears of joy for his family. She shared that this portrait meant more to him than anything else he had, and that she will be forever grateful for this treasure.


What an amazing man. What an amazing love. I will never forget him.

That’s what photography is all about – family and memories. This is why I do what I do with such great passion. I know what it will mean to have this treasure for every family I am blessed to work with.


Life is so terribly short. But, at the same time, life is such a wonderful gift. And the memories we keep of these moments with our family will last forever.