“A Family Memory On The World’s Most Beautiful Beach That Will Become Your Most Prized Possession.”


“People Are Coming From All Over The Country To Take Advantage Of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance!”



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This is why I got into photography in the first place – TO REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE FAMILIES I PHOTOGRAPH.


Whether You Live In The Florida Area, Or Will Be Traveling Here On Vacation Soon, You’ve Got An Opportunity To “Take A Piece Of Florida” Home With You – And I’m NOT Talking About A Little Jar With Some Sand In It.


I really receive more wonderful comments on these beach portraits than any other photographs I create. It seems as though the background of the water, the sand, the sun – it all becomes like another PERSONALITY in the photograph. Have you noticed that? This is so much more interesting than the “traditional” family photograph created in front of a boring painted background.


HERE IS A HUGE SECRET About Beach Photography That You Probably Didn’t Know – (and this secret can RUIN your portrait)!


Photographing a family on the beach is unlike photographing anyone anywhere else in the world. There are a whole different set of “rules” when creating an artistic and emotional image set against this most beautiful of nature’s backdrops.


It’s all about the lighting. Did you know that there is only 1 HOUR per day when beach photographs can be taken? Well, let me rephrase that – beach photographs CAN be taken anytime, but there’s only 1 HOUR per day when they can be done RIGHT.


That Hour Is What The Movie-Makers In Hollywood Call “The Magic Hour.”


This hour is late in the afternoon, and JUST before sunset, and the reason it’s called “Magic Hour” is – that’s when the sun is casting that magical, almost fairytale-like deep yellow light. You’ve probably noticed it when you’re driving close to sunset, and all the buildings around you are lit so beautifully.


Movie-makers LOVE to film during that time because it’s SO hard to duplicate those natural lighting conditions artificially. Well, you know what? I’m the same way! I realize that this “Magic Hour” can’t be wasted, and I use it to create lasting images that will thrill families for years to come.


There Are Very Few Places In The World Where You Can Have Portraits Like These Created – And We SPECIALIZE In Them!


Living in Florida does have its blessings. We’re blessed with sunshine, with crystal-clear water, and sandy dazzling white beaches that would make people living in Hawaii jealous.


If you’re visiting here, you know what I’m talking about. There’s a reason why Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. If you already live here, you’re fortunate to understand first hand what a glorious place this is to be on a daily basis.


Now, Imagine Having An Amazing Portrait Of Your Family Created On One Of These Gorgeous Beaches – And Having That Image to Cherish For Years To Come… What Would That Be Worth?


Most people, when traveling somewhere on vacation, never think of something like this. You’re going to be here – in Florida – on vacation, having a wonderful family time with you and your loved ones, so why not have a PROFESSIONAL family portrait created while you’re here? Can you think of a more happy, fun, and relaxed time for your family? Isn’t that how you really want to have your family captured in a masterful portrayal you will always love?


There are SO many reasons to seriously think about this. First of all, as I already mentioned (and as the clients whose photographs are displayed on this webpage also refer to), these photographs will become priceless mementos of your family’s love.


Secondly, where else could you have a portrait like this created? WARNING: There’s a real ART & SCIENCE to creating fantastic family portraits on the beach! I’ve spent years perfecting this type of photography, and you want to be sure you have a specialist create these images for you. And, as you can see, not only do I have a lot of experience creating these sorts of images, but I LOVE creating them! It’s truly my passion…


Thirdly, you know it’s hard to get your family all together sometimes. Well, while you are in Florida on vacation, you’ll all be together! Now is the time! Your family is changing almost daily, aren’t they? One day you will awake and your kids will be all grown up and heading off to college and you will wonder where the time went so quickly…


Six Reasons To Have Me Create A Fine BEACH Family Portrait For You And Your Family:



1. Most photographers cram in as many sessions as they can, shooting with the wrong light at the wrong time of day. Unlike other photographers, we do only one session a day taking the time to get wonderful portraits on the beach with that magical afternoon sunlight all the way through the sunset. Having lots of time allows for a relaxed and fun setting where we can create the family portrait as well as various groupings and some spontaneous candids. We are not a “COOKIE CUTTER” type of studio. The time is yours and we will create what you want.


2. I pride myself in having the ability to capture relationships on film, and this is due to my sincere love of families and kids and pets (they are part of the family too). As you look through more of this website, you’ll see exactly what I mean.


3. Technically, the beach with white sand is extremely difficult to properly light, even for experienced photographers. I have often had families come to me after first having brought down their own family photographer from places such as Atlanta only to be disappointed in the results of their photographer often due to lighting and dealing with kids on beach. I specialize in the beach, and I love it with over 30 years of experience here.


4. I know the beach EXTREMELY WELL. In fact, I was actually able to produce a beautiful portrait of a family only a few days after a major hurricane. You would never know the beach was torn up as I found the right spot – AND THE RIGHT LIGHTING. It’s truly an art-form, and this should not be trusted to just anyone.


5. ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS – We have an incredible artist, one of the finest in the world, who knows the beach and colors so well that we can bring out every beautiful aspect of the beach and eliminate the distractions. Our clients cannot believe the difference in the first image they see compared to the final with artwork rivaling a masters painting. IN FACT, we have literally had clients so excited when they saw the final that they jumped up and down for joy! No kidding!


6. NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! – I will NEVER charge you more to have your photograph created on the beach. In fact, I don’t charge a single cent more to have photographs created on location – they are the same
price as portraits created in the studio.


Here’s What To Do Right Now:


Here’s what I strongly recommend you do IMMEDIATELY! Our dates are booking fast as we do work with just one family a day! Pick up the phone and call me right now, so we can chat a little about your family, and what you’re looking for in a beach photograph. There’s NO COST, and absolutely NO OBLIGATION for that chat.


Or, if you’d rather, simply send me an EMAIL, and I’ll get back to you right away. However, the best option is to chat on the phone, as that’s when you’ll really get to know me, and you can ask any questions that might come up during the conversation.


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Don’t wait to act on this. Time is moving much faster than you think. Be sure to take hold of the moments that matter the most, and allow me to create a portrait of your family you’ll never forget.


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Tim Allen


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