• Weddings


    …if you’re a bride who wants her wedding to be PERFECT, and the most romantic, beautiful and emotional day of your life; if you want to enjoy every minute of your day; if you want to be the most ravishingly beautiful bride…

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  • Commercial


    Tim Allen Photography offers you our professional expertise to place your photographic images and advertising in a class of its own far above the competition. We can take your project from concept to finished product…

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  • Childrens


    There’s Nothing Like Being A Parent. You’ll Do Anything For Your Child. And When Your Child Smiles, It’s The Most Wonderful Sight In The World…


  • Seniors


    From a graduating senior’s point of view, nothing could be more disappointing than not liking the way he or she looks in that super-important portrait that all his or her friends and relatives will see!

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  • Beach


    I get more comments on these beach photographs than any other photographs I create. It seems as though the background of the water, the sand, the sun – it all becomes like another PERSONALITY in the photograph.

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  • Family


    Your family is changing so fast, isn’t it? Your children (and yes, they will be your “children” even when they’re married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day.

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